Why Quality, Transparency and Expertise Matter --- They Drive UP our Medical Costs!

As a company committed to innovating well-designed clinical study management tools and making these tools affordable to all, we recently had two vendor engagements that reminded us why quality, transparency and experience in the Life Sciences industry really matter. In short, these are major drivers to the overall cost of healthcare and the availability of new therapies on the market!

At Trial By Fire Solutions, we remain committed to fiscal responsibility and ensuring our global footprint in the clinical trial management system (CTMS) market facilitates the development and availability of new therapies. We do this in a number of ways and we partner with vendors who share the same moral compass and fiscal stewardship.

In the case of two recent engagements (with us as the customer), both providers approached our initial conversations claiming to have vast and direct experience in the Life Sciences industry. One claimed to have specific regulatory experience, presumably based on well-documented industry needs. The other claimed to have direct expertise in the eClinical product space and a pulse on the competitive landscape specific to the Life Sciences market. Both vendors had business development team members who were well rehearsed with the relevant lingo and their companies seemed to possess the talent, experience and understanding of the intended partnership engagement.

As these two engagements progressed, it was apparent that neither vendor had the direct Life Science experience they claimed, nor did they possess experienced and capable team members to support the intended business need. Furthermore, these companies did not share a spirit of transparency and collaboration, and their team members were not properly supported to allow for a successful engagement. In one case, the vendor’s lack of specific experience (which they claimed to possess) could have directly impacted our clients and this was simply unacceptable.

Trial By Fire Solutions no longer works with either of these vendors. Our clients, industry, and healthcare market deserve better. We simply will not align with such companies who misrepresent their expertice, their people, and who ultimately amplify the global challenges of affordable health care and available therapies around the globe. In departing from these engagements, we are encouraged by the successes of our clients and we remain committed to doing our part to bring affordable tools, quality support and a ‘no surprises’ transparent approach for those who work in the Life Sciences field every day.

Here’s how we are able to facilitate our client success stories:

  • At Trial By Fire Solutions, our product designers, client managers and support team are comprised of experienced Life Sciences professionals that have managed clinical studies from end to end. They have direct experience with all types of eClinical Products, contacting support centers, training and being trained, and working through study-specific workflow challenges. They are qualified and efficient in their ability to assist, effective in their approach to individual client needs, and play an integral part of the innovations we bring to our CTMS products.

  • Our technical team is experienced, capable and service oriented. They know how to manage servers, data centers, develop quality features and enhancements and support client user needs. They know how to keep vendors in check to maintain the security, reliability and availability of our CTMS applications.  They collaborate directly with client managers, product developers and support personnel to create well designed features that align with intended user needs.

  • Our products are feature-rich, relevant, and in step with the needs of the industry.  CTMS applications cover a vast array of functionality, so we stay focused on CTMS as to best serve our clients, and avoid the kitchen-sink approach to multi-product eClinical suites. Our products are built to accommodate the needs of the Life Sciences Industry and are based on our direct use of other systems, our team member experiences managing studies, and our desire to bring better and more affordable products to a wider audience.

  • We provide full transparency from the time of the initial contact and keep with our “simple” approach. We have solutions that enable your teams to avoid a “trial by fire” approach to the oversight of clinical trials. Clients can utilize our products on a month-to-month basis with no long term commitments. Pricing and legal documents are available directly on our website. Customers can choose a plan based on the features they need and size of the team.

  • We do not make false claims about our products and services, over-extend junior team members, or mismanage the intended spirit of the engagement. Users may easily subscribe or evaluate our products and assess the features for themselves. Support resources such as training videos, user manuals and our expert-let help desk are readily available. Subscriptions can be cancelled directly in the application, and there are no long-term commitments. The price tag on the website provided is the price you pay - no surprises. The conversations we have with you about product features and enhancements are not empty promises. Our experienced team members are efficient and fiscally responsible.

  • Trial By Solutions founders and senior leadership remains involved in client engagement, vendor engagement and the overall success of our client programs. This translates to a quality service and positive customer engagement. We support the client for the duration of the engagement, not just during the sales process. We support our team members who in turn support our clients and offer relevant, quality support and advice.

At Trial By Fire Solutions, we know that quality, transparency and expertise matter when selecting a clinical software vendor, and sound partners ultimately help bring investigative products to market faster.  Our original CTMS product, SimpleCTMS, was launched commercially 8 years ago and is still going strong and being utilized by some of the leading organizations in the life sciences industry. Our expertise in the industry is well founded and represented through our support staff and product team.  With our latest CTMS offering, SimpleTrials, we set out to create an affordable subscription-based solution that maintains our high standards while offering unprecedented transparency into pricing and legal agreements. We have received many compliments from existing and prospective clients for the SimpleTrials offering, which tells us that we have achieved these goals, and there is no better reward for our efforts. SimpleTrials is the first truly on demand CTMS product available in the market, with transparent pricing, transparent legal documents, and a quality system that leverages the lessons we learned from having a successful CTMS product on the market for the past 8 years. Join us for an upcoming webinar to learn more about SimpleTrials!