SimpleTrials CTMS Toolkit Now Includes EDC Integration!

SimpleTrials now has the ability to connect with external Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems to populate subject and subject visit data in the Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS). Once setup and enabled, this integration occurs on an automated daily basis, and alleviates the need to manually import or add individual subject records, subject visit dates and status.  

In addition to the population of subject and visit records, the benefits of EDC integration also include Dashboard and Analytics (e.g. Target vs. Actual Recruitment Curve), oversight of enrollment by cohort and/or protocol version, management of subject payments, and tracking of subject progress within Electronic Visit Reports.  Current support includes Medrio EDC and ClinCapture Captivate, with REDCap Cloud, IBM CD and DSG coming soon. Subject import from Excel allows customer to integrate with nearly any source of subject and visit data.

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