Our Experts

Trial By Fire Solutions is the team behind SimpleTrials. We are an eClinical software company founded in 2008 and headquartered in Oakland, CA, with a focus on clinical trial management systems that improve planning, execution and tracking of clinical trials. With many years of experience on the front lines of clinical trial management, we have a passion for innovating web-based applications to improve planning, execution and tracking of clinical trials.

The Trial By Fire Solutions Team has been building expertise in clinical trial management systems with a diverse, global clientele since the release of SimpleCTMS in 2010.  We have drawn upon that in-depth experience, along with our mission to provide affordable and effective eClinical solutions to teams of all sizes, to develop and release SimpleTrials in 2016.  We are proud to offer the first on-demand CTMS option to sponsors, CROs, sites and other clinical stakeholders, with a simple pricing and subscription model, all available directly from our website.



Nancy Cecchettini

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Nancy Cecchettini has over 20 years of industry experience across multiple therapeutic areas in the biopharmaceutical and device industries. She has experience in Phase I–IV trials and has held roles as clinical trial manager, regional project manager, global lead CRA, co-monitor, auditor, project coordinator and independent clinical consultant.


Jon Cecchettini

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Jon Cecchettini has over 20 years of software development and information technology experience. His web application expertise is based on building secure, scalable and intuitive products for a multitude of Silicon Valley startups.

Elaine Celestan - Finance & Office Manager

As the Finance/Office Manager, Elaine has over 20 years of experience.  She has worked in various industries, from the dot-com era, non-profits and Fortune 500.  After college, she tried her hands as an Accountant for a few years. “Accounting is cool, but I am more of a people person.”  With her knowledge of Accounting and Office Management, she has found a great balance here at Trial by Fire Solutions. When she is away from her desk, she loves spending time with her family, trying new recipes and just enjoying life!

Jim Connelly - Lead Client Developer

Software developer Jim Connelly has been in the IT world since 1997, focusing primarily on building web applications. Prior to joining SimpleTrials, Jim was the primary architect and full-stack developer for the Immune Tolerance Network in the implementation of a web app to facilitate the collaborative authoring of refereed publications. Before 1997 he was a Nuclear Physicist at George Washington University, studying quark excitations in the proton. He spends his free time as a guitar player in The Born Again Hindus.

Amanda Russo  - User Experience & Support

Amanda has 10 years experience in the Clinical Research industry, starting in Clinical Operations and transitioning to focus on Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS). She has been a consultant at Trial By Fire Solutions since March 2015 serving as the primary point person for support tickets, as well as functioning as the UI/UX Design Lead. She has a natural understanding of balancing technical system requirements with user needs, to design an effective and intuitive CTMS. When she’s not working on system development, you can usually find Amanda at the gym training Muay Thai.

Milt Karlos - eClinical Product Specialist

Having worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years, Milt brings a unique mix of experiences in clinical development and IT. Past roles have included being a Regional Monitor, Manager of Monitors, Clinical Study Manager, NDA Medical Writer, Auditor, as well as undertaking a two-year overseas assignment to Switzerland where he led a global team responsible for the planning and rollout of a CTMS product to over 3000 company users. In his spare time he cooks, likes to travel globally, and is learning Mandarin and Russian.

Lindsay McGill - eClinical Product Specialist

Lindsay McGill has over 10 years of industry experience across multiple therapeutic areas in the biopharmaceutical industry.  She holds a Master of Science in Clinical Research. She has experience in Phase I-IV trials and has held roles as clinical project manager, lead CRA, on-site clinical monitor, in-house CRA, and as an independent clinical consultant.