SimpleTrials Clients Embrace the Flexible and Affordable Subscription Model

The SimpleTrials team recently welcomed three new customers to the SimpleTrials Clinical Trial Management system within a two day period.  What is most remarkable is that two of those three new clients had only made first contact with us days before subscribing.  The on-demand subscription model, paired with affordable starter plans and no long term obligation, is enabling clinical teams to make a CTMS decision on their time-frame, and easily adopt a system when their need becomes a necessity.

Each of these three new clients shared similar needs, about how the affordable and on-demand subscription plans for SimpleTrials were exactly what they were looking for.  The traditional model for seeking a CTMS vendor is typically a multi-month process working through the vendor’s sales cycle where they “size up” your organization, and then present you with pricing and a contractual term to maximize license fees.  With SimpleTrials we are changing that in three critical ways: 1) the CTMS pricing structure is fully detailed on our website; 2) The master subscription agreement and other legal documents are available for download directly through our website and there is no multi-year commitment; 3) Sign-up for a new account can also be done directly through our website.

With our three new clients, after a brief phone discussion with our team, each of these clients chose to get hands-on with SimpleTrials immediately by subscribing to the SimpleTrials Starter plan for just $35/month.  As with all customers, they can upgrade their subscription plans anytime, as they grow.

While there was commonality in the needs of these new clients, we were also happy to find that SimpleTrials is serving a wide variety of clinical organizations: one clinical research site, one CRO, and one biotech sponsor.

The first subscriber, a clinical research site, was utilizing an established CTMS that was coming up for a contract renewal, and they felt it was overpriced for the subset of features they needed.  They needed a quick and seamless transition to a new system, and they were happy to find the proactive assistance from our support team.

The second subscriber, an international CRO who works in emerging markets, was looking for a fresh, modern CTMS with affordable pricing to meet their budget and the backing of an experienced clinical software company.

The third subscriber, a mid-sized biotechnology company, was looking for transparency into study execution, performance, and help with contracts and payments.  They were looking for a well-thought-through CTMS backed by a knowledgeable support team who was ready to help right out of the gate.

We are thrilled that SimpleCTMS is the first and only on-demand subscription based CTMS, and this model is resonating with clinical study teams who deserve the best tools for study management.  The SimpleTrials model is also preferred by company executives who want affordable pricing options and to avoid being locked into a risky, over-priced and multi-year contract.

See for yourself how SimpleTrials can benefit your organization by joining us at an upcoming CTMS webinar demo. Go here to sign up and get more details!