What’s Behind the eClinical Curtain?

It must be so frustrating for clinical team members to look for software tools to help execute, manage and track their clinical studies. Most clinical software web sites hardly show screenshots of their products, let alone provide details on pricing, multi-year commitments or other legal terms.  Clinical professionals don’t have the free time to spend digging for information and sitting on sales calls, only to find out the product is not a good fit or not within their budget.  It is no wonder that many teams are still using worksheet trackers.  

Furthermore, as co-founder of an eClinical software company focusing on CTMS for nearly 10 years, I have seen how guarded clinical software companies are with their product information and pricing. We see how the language utilized by software vendors is unnecessarily complex, misleading and difficult to understand. We’re here to change that.

With the new SimpleTrials CTMS, the Trial By Fire Solutions team is taking tangible steps to remove the secrecy from clinical software and provide prospective customers with all the key information they need to make a decision quickly -- without having to go through the sales wringer.

Here is what we freely provide (disclose openly) on our website, SimpleTrials.com:

  • Detailed pricing information & no hidden costs
  • Detailed information about our validated cloud hosting
  • Clear options for choosing a monthly or annual subscription term (no multi-year commitments)
  • Legal agreements can be downloaded and previewed directly from the website without a sales call.
  • Comprehensive product information available on our website, including screenshots and screencast videos.
  • Ability to subscribe online, whenever it fits your schedule, as well as change your plan or unsubscribe.

We are proud to be offering the first true “on-demand” clinical trial management system (CTMS).  That means our prospective customers can get all the key information they need to make a decision directly through our website.  It also means we have a simple online subscription form with credit-card payment options. Once subscribed, we have a detailed user manual, training videos, and a user support desk covered by our CTMS experts. We offer a fast, transparent, turn-key solution for anyone needing access to a secure, validated, full featured CTMS and doesn’t have time to spend listening to salespeople pitch something they don’t need. Bypass the sales pitch and jump right into using the product within one day of signing up.

For prospective customers that want more information, we offer monthly live, online webinar/demonstrations of SimpleTrials.  You can also feel free to contact us to ask any questions you have.

Perhaps the best part is that SimpleTrials starts at just $35/month for 3 users.  It is easy for an eClinical software company to claim that their applications are “affordable” for teams of all sizes and budgets, but SimpleTrials is the first product that brings a comprehensive set of CTMS features, backed with secure, validated hosting and expert support.  SimpleTrials is delivering on this claim with a $35/month plan and the most pricing & product transparency available today.