Introducing SimpleTrials 2.0!

Site Contracts and Site Payments Among Functional Enhancements

Trial By Fire Solutions is pleased to announce the release of SimpleTrials 2.0, which includes Site Contracts and Payments functionality.

I found SimpleTrials when looking for a CTMS that would help my small clinical team reduce our dependency on spreadsheet trackers. In the past we had found that other CTMS options were not within our budget, so I was happy to find the affordable on-demand model available for SimpleTrials. From the start I found that SimpleTrials was easy to use, and that allowed me to get our study setup quickly with participating sites and contacts. The Startup Tracking view provided an easy way to track site startup across a number of key areas including contracts, IRB/EC and activation. I used the Calendar to track monitoring activity, and the integrated Site Visit tracker provided an easy way to oversee visit report and follow-up activities. I used the Documents and eTMF functionality to track and store site regulatory documents as well as study documents. Lastly, I used the Screening & Enrollment feature to track subjects. When interacting with the SimpleTrials team, I found them eager to assist and share their expertise in supporting our study management needs. They listened to my feedback and were able to incorporate a number of requested enhancements into the CTMS. I also found the system to be updated regularly with useful improvements and fixes. I have had a great experience with SimpleTrials and I recommend the system.
— Charlotte Bame - Clinical Projects Manager, Nativis, Inc.

The new Site Contracts feature set includes:

  • The ability to create multiple contract templates for both fixed and subject based fees.  
  • Customizable contract templates which can be easily applied to one or more sites, allowing for easy setup when common contractual line items are used for multiple sites.  
  • Multiple contracts per site, as needed for protocol amendments or multiple subject cohorts.

The new Sites Payments feature set includes:

  • The ability to track fixed payments and per-subject payments.  
  • Payments can be tracked for both contracted fees and per-subject fees.  
  • Support for Overhead percentages, holdback percentages, partial payments and ad-hoc payments included.  

The per-subject payment tracker is integrated to the SimpleTrials subject and visit schedule management features as well, so that subjects and visit schedules are presented in the payments tracker for easy subject visit payment tracking. Payment History tracking is also supported, which includes an invoice generator.  Any fixed or per-subject payments marked as payable can be aggregated into a site-specific, formatted invoice in Excel format.  Generated invoices as well as any out-of-system payments can be tracked using the Payment History view.

New Flexible On-Demand Subscription Plans Available

Along with the new, enhanced functionality, SimpleTrials 2.0 also brings new and improved subscription plans to the SimpleTrials on-demand model. The Premium plan is now available, providing access to the new Contracts and Payments features, with more premium features coming later this year (including electronic visit reports).  

With a new study allowance increase across the board for all plans, and no increase in price, all plans now include more studies, with the Starter plan allowing 5 studies, the Standard plan allowing 20 studies, and the Premium plan allowing 50 studies. In addition to the increased study allowance, there is now a 3-user tier for both the Standard and Premium plans for smaller teams,.