Training Videos & Webinar Recordings

Password note: the password to watch the videos is found on the Support window, which is accessed via the Support link in the top right of your SimpleTrials view after logging in.

Listing of Training Videos - videos are accessed below!

1. Getting Started

1.1 Getting Started - Admin Users

1.2 Getting Started - Standard Users

2. Study

2.1 New Study Setup

2.2 Study Setup - Subject Visit Schedule

2.3 Study Setup - Monitoring and Subject Settings

2.5 Study Setup - Contract Templates

2.7 Milestones & Tasks

2.8 Study Dashboard

3. Visit Reports

3.1 Defining eVisit Reports

3.2 eVisit Report Authoring & Approval

4. Documents

4.1 Document Management Overview

4.2 Site Essential Documents

6. Sites, Startup Tracking, Contracts & Payments

6.1 Sites & Contacts

6.2 Startup Tracking

6.3 Site Payments

6.4 Site Payments for Site Customers

6.5 Site Payment for Sponsors & CROs

7. Subjects

7.1 Screening & Enrollment

7.2 Subject Visits

7.3 Protocol Deviations

8. Calendar / Site Visits / Action Items

8.1 Portfolio Calendar

8.2 Site Visit Tracking

8.3 Action Items


SimpleTrials Webinar/Demo Recordings

The Webinar recordings are a great way to get an overview of the system in about 1 hour. Each webinar is different, and webinar recordings typically contain a table of contents with time markers at the start of the video (so you can skip ahead to a particular topic). Note that General Walkthrough webinars cover a full overview of the system, where as other themed webinars (like eVisit Reports) may focus on a particular set of features.

SimpleTrials Webinar Demo (1 hour) - General Walkthrough - 30 Jan 2019

SimpleTrials Webinar Demo (1 hour) - General Walkthrough - 06 Jun 2018

SimpleTrials Webinar Demo (1 hour) - General Walkthrough - 28 Feb 2018

SimpleTrials Webinar Demo (1 hour) - General Walkthrough - 10 Jan 2018

SimpleTrials Webinar Demo (1 hour) - eVisit Reports - 06 Dec 2017

SimpleTrials Quick Tour


Training Videos

This 19minute training video covers Study Profile Section 7 - Site Monitoring Visit Definitions, and Section 8 - Subject Definitions (which includes Screen Failure Reasons and Protocol Deviation categories).

This 30 min training video includes getting started with eVisit Report Templates.

This 35 min training video covers electronic visit report creation, authoring, submission, review and approval.

This 40 minute training video covers payments functionality, including fixed and subject visit payments, and invoice generation.


General SimpleTrials Videos & Webinar Recordings

SimpleTrials webinars provide a full overview of the system in about 1 hour. Topics typically include: Managing Studies, eTMF & Documents, Sites & Startup Tracking, Subjects & Visits, Calendar, Monitoring, eVisit Reports, Contracts & Payments.