What Do Teams Need in Electronic Visit Reports (EVRs)? After 30,000 EVRs across 40 Countries, We have a Pretty Good Idea!

Over the past decade, we’ve gained direct experience from our SimpleCTMS clients who utilize electronic visit reports (EVRs) every day for their study needs. Our clients have managed more than 30,000 EVRs directly in CTMS in over 40 countries around the globe. Additionally, our Client Managers, Product Managers and Support team members are experienced Clinical Trial Managers and former monitors with direct experience creating and reviewing EVRs and trending metrics for their study teams. Finally, our development team knows how to build clean, smart and purposeful CTMS products with the life sciences end user in mind.

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Simple Trials
New SimpleTrials Clients Embrace the Flexible and Affordable Subscription Model

The SimpleTrials team recently welcomed three new customers to the SimpleTrials Clinical Trial Management system within a two day period.  What is most remarkable is that two of those three new clients had only made first contact with us days before subscribing.  The on-demand subscription model, paired with affordable starter plans and no long term obligation, is enabling clinical teams to make a CTMS decision on their time-frame, and easily adopt a system when their need becomes a necessity.

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SimpleTrials Expands Feature Set with Contracts and Payments

Trial By Fire Solutions, a leader in on-demand, web-based clinical trial management solutions that improve planning, execution and tracking of clinical studies, has released SimpleTrials 2.0, a clinical trial management system (CTMS) with new features such as site contracts and payments management. The release also offers updated subscription plans for the SimpleTrials CTMS to meet a greater variety of user needs for teams of all sizes and budgets.

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SimpleTrials 2.0 is Now Available

Trial By Fire Solutions is pleased to announce the release of SimpleTrials 2.0, which includes Site Contracts and Payments functionality.  With this release, new and improved subscription plans for the SimpleTrials CTMS are also now available, including plans that better support site teams.

The new Site Contracts feature set includes the ability to create multiple contract templates for both fixed and subject based fees.  The contract templates can then be easily applied to one or more sites, allowing for easy setup when common contractual line items are used for multiple sites.  The site contracts can then be customized as needed for each site.  SimpleTrials also allows for multiple contracts per site, as needed for protocol amendments or multiple subject cohorts.

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SimpleTrials Selected as a Top 10 eClinical Trial Management Solution Provider by Pharma Tech Outlook

SimpleTrials, the latest Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) from Trial By Fire Solutions, has been recognized as one of the Top 10 eClinical Trial Management Solution Providers for 2017 by Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine. SimpleTrials and Trial By Fire Solutions are featured as the cover story for the Top 10 issue in March 2017.

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What’s Behind the eClinical Curtain?

It must be so frustrating for clinical team members to look for software tools to help execute, manage and track their clinical studies. Most clinical software web sites hardly show screenshots of their products, let alone provide details on pricing, multi-year commitments or other legal terms.  We know that clinical professionals are typically swamped with work, and they don’t have several hours to spend digging for information and sitting on sales calls, only to find out the product is not a good fit or not within their budget.  It is no wonder that many teams are still using worksheet trackers.  

Furthermore, as co-founder of an eClinical software company focusing on CTMS, for nearly 10 years we have seen how guarded clinical software companies are with their product information and pricing. We see how the language utilized by software vendors is unnecessarily complex, misleading and difficult to understand. We’re here to change that.

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Trial By Fire Solutions Launches SimpleTrials, the First On-Demand CTMS

Trial By Fire Solutions is bio-pharma focused, clinical software company, that has been developing and supporting CTMS solutions for over 8 years. With many years of experience on the front lines of clinical trial management, we have a passion for innovating web-based eClinical technology to improve planning, execution and tracking of clinical trials.

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